What is Flagship?

Where did you GO? What did you see? What did you do? What were your experiences? We at Flagship want to hear about your cross-cultural experience. Flagship is a Susquehanna University magazine focused on personal adventures on a global scale.

Flagships led other ships around the world to new lands. Flagship is a magazine that will document the travels of Susquehanna students and bring your stories to life and show everyone what it truly means to go abroad. Every year, hundreds of SU students spend time in a foreign land or culture from within the United States to Ghana to England and all of the unique places in every corner of our world. They step out of their comfort zones, take risks, and have eye-opening experiences. It is time for those experiences to be shared with the world. The memories start on campus at Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania and take students beyond their expectations. Flagship will be online and accessible to friends and family, prospective students and alumni.

Share your stories and adventures with us at Flagship. Tell us about the interesting, the unique, the heart-pounding global experiences that made your GO time so special.