Essays, Issue 1, 2015

Motho ke motho ka batho: A Person is a person through other people
Steph Heinz, 2015
South Africa
Winning Essay

At the Corner of Give and Take
Colin O’Donnell, 2015
South Africa

Julia Raffel, 2016

I’m No Jesus
Andrew Lawler, 2015
South Africa

Where I Left my Heart
Dallas Carroll, 2016
South Africa

Remember, Remember
Katy Griffith, 2016
United Kingdom

The Mountains
Christine Guaragno, 2016
South Africa

In Her Hand
Un Regalo
Larell Scardelli, 2015
Morocco & Spain

While We Are Here
Abriel Newton, 2016
South Africa

Planes, Trains, and Coaches
Alexis Gargin, 2016
United Kingdom

Memory of a Township
Liz Flynn, 2016
South Africa

On My Own
Kelly Grebeck, 2016
United Kingdom

Quo Vadis?
Sarah Beyer, 2016
South Africa


Issue 1, 2015


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