Issue 1, 2015

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Read essays from students here.

Check out photos taken by students here.

Interviews with the authors can be found here or linked at the bottom of each essay.

The winner of 2015’s essay contest is Steph Heinz, 2015, with the essay “Motho ke motho ka batho: A person is a person through other people.” Be sure to check it out.

The winner of 2015’s photo contest is pictured above and was taken by Hailey Gouza, 2015.

Letter from the Editors:

Dear Reader,

Enter a journey with us, set sail into the uncharted waters, leap into the unknown cultures. We invite you to scroll through, to peruse, to stumble upon our adventures as Flagship makes its maiden voyage.

For years, Susquehanna students have studied abroad around the globe. When traveling abroad, you go through an entire spectrum of emotions, from excitement to panic, happiness to heartache, and the pieces in this issue encompass them all. The friends and families of these students have heard their stories, their peers have understood their new perspectives, their teachers have discovered how much they’ve learned. Flagship now asks for the privilege to be the vessel in which the stories are shared.

We ask for you to come with us to South Africa, a country brought to life through eight students’ different points of view, creating a colorful patchwork quilt of emotions. Feel Steph Heinz’s overwhelming gratefulness as she is given a beaded headdress by her host mother, or imagine Colin O’Donnell’s embarrassment after giving a coin to a young boy to then be shamed by the boy’s older sister. Experience the magic of finding a treasure in a flea market with Larell Scardelli, un regalo from Madrid. Stand in the predawn glow with Julia Raffel on the other side of the globe as she looks up in awe at the beauty and magnitude of Mount Fuji.

Can you feel the heat of the flames as Katy Griffith inches closer to the action of the bonfires on Guy Fawkes night? These stories you’re about to experience take you along to the celebrations, the West End theatre productions, and the bus rides through Kruger National Park as Susquehanna students immerse themselves into new cultures.  From two weeks to three months, the students pushed themselves to broaden their horizons and consider new paths, to open their minds and hearts to different kinds of people in places both foreign and familiar.

Let us show you our stories as we share our memories, our reflections, our explorations. We hope that as you read, you feel your own adventurous spirit stir to life and allow yourself, just for a moment, to be blown off course into an adventure of your own making.

The Editors
Alexis and Courtney



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