Photos, Issue 1, 2015

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Joy in the Eyes of Children
Katie Auchenbach, 2015
Photos from Petersfield, Jamaica, Winter 2014
“For my GO program, I spent two weeks immersed in the small community of Petersfield, Jamaica (Westmoreland Parish). During my time in Jamaica, I photographed the beautiful landscape that was all around me: the mountains covered in dense, tropical greens, the sprawling fields of sugarcane stalks, and the unbelievably blue water of the Caribbean Sea. You might expect that the photos of the island scenery would be some of the most beautiful photos from my trip. But the joy in the eyes of some of the children that I met was just as beautiful.”

Azucena Garcia, 2016
Photos from Auschwitz-Birkenau, November 22, 2014
“I was not aware of how many people in America do not know about the Holocaust or about Auschwitz. Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of German Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps built and operated during the Nazi Germany invasion during World War II. I have always been interested in learning more about the Holocaust, touring the concentration camps was the most humbling, saddening and learning experience of my life. The crows, the darkness, the cold, the ruins, the barns, the feeling of horror were all present. I will never forget Auschwitz and I pray the world will never forget the Holocaust.
I have included three pictures because I would like to share my experience.”

Tiffany Richards, 2016
Photos from France, Summer 2014

Kelly Grebeck, 2016
Photos from England, Dublin, Paris, and Rome, Fall 2014

Eric Gosselin, 2016
Photos from Denmark, Summer 2014

Katy Griffith, 2016
Photos from England, Vienna, and Rome, Fall 2014

Hailey Gouza, 2015
Photos from Barcelona and France, Spring 2015

Julia Raffel, 2016
Mount Fuji, Summer 2014

Kristen Brida, 2015
Photos from Italy, Summer 2014

Alexis Gargin, 2016
Photos from Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and England, Fall 2014

Colin O’Donnell, 2015
Photos from South Africa, Summer 2014

Issue 1, 2015



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