Photos: Asia and Oceania

Click on the photos to enlarge them.
Photos from Europe and Africa

Ethan Eastwood, 2016
Photo from China

The Earth God Festival

A Macanese Celebration of the Earth God

Arden Lee, 2017
Photos from Australia

MaeLynne Connolly,
2016 Photos from China

Afi Ahama, 2017
Photos from New Zealand

What is your definition of good life? Is it traveling to see the world? Is it becoming a philanthropist? Is it walking down on Wall Street every morning? Based on your current resources, with your definition of good life, what can you do today to make you feel as though you’re already living that life? Think about ways you can start living or enjoying your ideal life today. Life is too short to be dreaming, so start setting goals, planning, and living.

Hasana Chaudry, 2017
Photos from Isreal and Palenstine


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