Heartland and Highland

By Gretchen Hintze

This is a land of mists and myths

We stand in the palms of giants

their faces carved into mountains

by ancient magic and bitter grudge

Dash about the Fairy Glen, keep quiet, keep gentle

lest they snatch you away–

rolling endless green to mischief dark and quick

Old Man of Storr stands tall in the fog,

he reminds us that friendship

transcends grief and realms and time

This is a land of legends and legacies

Clansmen and kings haunt forests and castles,

ghosts of bloodshed, royal and barbaric

each fighting for his land in battles centuries past

A gray and green sprawl of earth and air and water,

the lochs are still, the air is clean as sun beams through clouds

along the peaceful coastline of Skye

Stories pulse through the air, as if Scotland is whispering.

telling of itself, of history and lore, of monsters and men,

All winding through a land of beauty, and green, impossibly green.


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