Issue 2, 2016

winning photo 16

Read essays from students here

Check out photos taken by students here

Interviews with the authors can be found here or linked at the bottom of each essay

The 2016 essay winner is K.C. Schweizer with her essay “La Corrida.”

The 2016 photography winner is Sarah Dorko, featured above.

Letter from the Editors:

Dear Reader,

At Susquehanna, we are asked to study abroad, to experience another culture. But experiencing is not the same as embracing it. In this issue of Flagship, we invite you to experience new cultures as our contributors have with vulnerability and honesty.

We ask you imagine these moments with us. In Morocco enter the hammam bathhouse with K.C., where she is exposed, but willing to step outside her comfort zone. Bargain with Danielle as she navigates a local market. Break the barrier and ask a native questions with Jess, getting a smile in response. Or enter a room of strangers, who eventually feel like family, with Kelly. Step forward into your temporary home.

Travel through British castles with Essy, remembering kings and queens of the past. Honor the ground you walk on with Gwendolyn and Virginia as they pay respects to those who died in the Holocaust. Join in our journey as we reflect on the past and live in the present, walking our way through history with a modern, astute perspective.

Contemplate faith with Katy and Megan as they try to comprehend the presence of a higher being. Feel the heaviness of the holy space around you, weighted with history and tradition, and discover that it is okay to feel uncertain, to not know how to feel.

Relish in the art in culture and folklore of a new land with Emily and Amanda’s poetry. Learn of the fairies’ mischief in the Scottish Highlands and how Maori people narrate the creation of heaven and earth.

We would like to thank our reading board and copy editors, who helped to shape this magazine, through the selection and editing process. Thank you to E.J. who designed the beautiful magazine you now hold in your hands. And to Kelly and Keri who crafted the website you can visit for more information and content.

Thank you to our sponsors and to the GO Office, Writer’s Institute, and English Department for their continued support and encouragement. Thank to Mark Fertig for judging our photography submissions.

A big thank you to Dr. Retief and Dr. Roth, our advisors throughout this who process and were also generous enough to judge our literature pieces. Flagship would not be here without these two fantastic mentors.

We now invite you to embark on this journey with us, to turn the pages as we set sail around the world.


Alexis Gargin, Editor
Gretchen Hintze, Associate Editor




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