Alexis Gargin

Associate Editor:
Gretchen Hintze

Public Relations Chair and Web Manager:
Kelly Grebeck

Associate Web Manager:
Keri Brady-Benzing

Helen Savidge
Amanda Schader

Reading Board Head:
Megan Rudloff

Print Designer:
EJ Schwartz

Reading Board Members:
Amanda Schader, Chelsea Ritter, K.C. Schweizer,Laura Healy, Katy Griffith, Marissa Spratley, Jennifer Ghiorse

Melissa Ballow, Amanda Schader, Helen Savidge, Katy Griffith, Julia Raffel, Laura Healy, K.C. Schweizer, Kelly Grebeck, Ian Rush, Marissa Spratley, Jennifer Ghiorse

Faculty Advisers:
Dr. Laurence Roth and Dr. Glen Retief

With special thanks to:
Christina Dinges and Mark Fertig

Sponsored by:
Writer’s Institute, English and Publishing & Editing Department, GO Office


Issue 2, 2016


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