Issue 3, 2017

Godafoss Maura Geiselman10pm

Goðafoss at 10:00 pm by Maura Geiselman

Featured above is the 2017 winning photograph by Maura Geiselman.

2017’s winning essay is Helen Savidge’s Finding the Wild.


Read this year’s prose  & poetry from students and check out our photos.


Letter from the Editors:

Dear Reader,

Learning a new language. Trying a new dish. Seeing the world in new colors and lights, sounds and smells. Understanding and appreciating the experiences of other cultures and people. Seeing that you might not be as different as you believe. Culture does not have one single definition. As you read through this issue of Flagship, we hope you see culture as a force both unifying and distinguishing. It lends itself to adventure and insight, to contemplation and growth. It has the power to build bridges across oceans and nations, between people and places.

We invite you to imagine these moments with us. Travel to South Africa where Helen marvels at the Milky Way in the clear night sky, Kes discovers a new meaning behind holding hands, and Matt observes a new cultural reverence for death.

Learn with Chelsea in the Philippines of beauty’s many forms. Trek into a small Chinese village with Nikki as they browse a vibrant marketplace of fresh fruit and Buddhist statues. Wander with Arden through a red outback of moon shadows and centuries-old drawings.

Lose yourself in Scottish lore with Emily and Gretchen, exploring Fairy Pools and the Isle of Skye. Chase rainbows over the cliffs on Achill-Croaghaun with Keri in Ireland.

We would like to thank our reading and copy editors, who helped to shape this magazine through the selection and editing process. Thank you to Jess Ram for designing the elegant magazine you hold in your hands. And to Keri for crafting the website you can visit for more experiences.

Thank you to Mark Fertig for judging our photography submissions and to Dr. Roth for judging our written submissions.

Thank you to our sponsors in the GO Office and the English Department for their support and encouragement. Lastly, thank you to Dr. Glen Retief and Dr. Laurence Roth, our advisors throughout this process Without them, this publication would not be possible.

Now, you are welcome to turn the page and begin your cross-cultural journey around the world.


Gretchen Hintze, Editor

James Hoon, Associate Editor


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