By: Caroline Miller

We have fallen into a kaleidoscope,
an unfinished cacophony of light.
A haunting melody drips
from the improbable ceiling.
Oranges hang from branches
over graffitied streets; pale blooms
scatter pollen into melted moonlight.
In Parque Güell the axis of the world shifts sideways.
A hundred sunsets scatter into fragments.
The city softens and blurs against the sky.
The Picasso museum is an incoherence
of masterpieces, room after room at wrong angles,
a labyrinth of lines that don’t connect.
We bite this backlit honeycomb
and find it burns like gin, images
abstracting, the night ensconced
in extravagant geometry.


caroline miller is a senior Creative Writing and Publishing & Editing
major who spent the summer of 2017 Instagramming baguettes in Aix-enProvence,
France. Her work has previously been published in Rivercraft.


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