Where Did the Beach Go?

By: Richard Berwin
Salted crests from bay
roll in, carrying
broken glass shards
smoothed into mosaic
tile by gentle caress
of Poseidon’s hands.
Childhood lemonade stand
weathered by Sandy and Irene
into lean-to against concrete
slab holding memories of
crabbing vessels.
Crosshatched gate fences off
community from nature
to prevent condoms and needles
intermingling within
“good white neighborhood.”
Weekend sundowns illuminated
by round-the-clock ice cream lullaby
and street lamp night lights
allow late childhood
rundown to sanded beds.
Thrumming mist rolls angular
smells of city life
and cool oceanic
sighs into mid-island
conditioner units.
Legend says this shore
held child adventurers
planning for futuristic
fantasies but crushed by
lack of access to these tides.

richard berwind is a sophomore Creative Writing and English Literature
double major with a double minor in Publishing and Editing and
Theatre. In his free time, you can find him running across campus to get to
something, having an existential crisis, or knitting. While he doesn’t travel
that much due to a lack of his own car, he treats any travelling as an opportunity to learn about different people.


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