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Letter from the Editors:

Dear Reader,

In your hands, you hold an atlas. Open its pages, however, and
find there are no maps or charts. Instead, you’ll find stories crafted
by insightful students exploring places that are not their own and
finding new perspectives on places that are.

Caroline Miller takes in the vibrant colors of Barcelona, entranced
by its geometric beauty. Alan Codner learns more about
himself as he explores those same streets in his colorful and relatable
comics. Hannah Feustle rediscovers what it means to step out
of a tourist’s shoes in St. Petersburg through memories collected
in a notebook.

Sarah Adams confronts a Czech stranger’s criticism of her
home, realizing how perspectives translate between cultures.
Meanwhile, Mikayla Meyers paints Dublin as a juxtaposed city:
one of fantastical dragons and the heartbreaking reality of poverty.
Through crashing tides along Rhode Island’s shores, Amy Jarvis
explores the idea of what defines home. Elsewhere, Richard
Berwind laments the destruction that both nature and humans have
wrought on a beloved beach. Later, Deon Robinson observes how
dealing with death and remembrance changes between family
members and cultures.

Valeri Lohrman yearns for Wyoming’s vast landscape through
memories of rest stops and sunsets; Lohrman later finds normal
conversations while plummeting fifteen thousand feet through
New Zealand’s atmosphere.

Alongside friends, Rachael Blaine travels Budapest by bus,
finding that music can bridge the gap between cultures. Finally,
among the magic of the Scottish Highlands, Morgan MacVaugh
captures the powerful warmth of a simple and sweet moment.
We would like to take the time to extend a very special thank
you to our talented photography contributors. Their artwork adds
color and life to the publication through vivid snapshots of nature,
culture, and everyday life.

We thank our reading board members and copy editors, who
helped to shape this magazine through the selection and editing
process. Thank you to Jess Ram for designing the elegant magazine
you hold in your hands. And to Keri Brady-Benzing and
Kelsey McGuggart for crafting our website.

Thank you to Ms. Amanda Lenig for judging our photography
submissions and to Dr. Laurence Roth for judging our written
submissions. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our
sponsors in the GO Office and the English Department for their
continued support and encouragement. Lastly, thank you to Dr.
Glen Retief and Dr. Laurence Roth, our advisors throughout this
process. Now, we invite you to turn the page and follow our contributors
on a worldwide adventure. Let their stories and artwork
act as your maps and markers on your journey.


Gretchen Hintze, Editor

James Hoon, Associate Editor


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