By: Alan Codner

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Runner-up literary prize winner: “Estoy En…”
This is a comics travelogue with a sharp eye trained mostly on the writer-artist’s own humorous fears and shortcomings. Its series of observations about the vagaries of travel and navigating a sometimes scary new place, however, are less comedic fodder than they are wise advice. Reading it, I felt as if I was listening to a friend confiding to me all the little strangenesses that might make travel and trying to communicate in another language an unenjoyable hassle. But, says my friend, it’s precisely such strangeness that offers the greatest rewards if we travel not to be comforted, but to explore.



alan codner is a senior Creative Writing major, with minors in both
Spanish and Studio Art. These three things culminated in a semester studying
abroad in Barcelona, Spain, where he wrote and illustrated a simple
online comic about his time there. He also drank a lot of wine and did a lot
of skateboarding, but he left that part out.