Are you a Susquehanna University student interested in being published in Flagship?

Send essays, photos, or videos to

Check back in January or February to submit for our 2018 issue! 

Submission Guidelines:

All submissions must be sent in as an attachment in an email to We are accepting nonfiction manuscripts (such as memoirs or personal essays as well as poetry), photo essays, photo submissions, and video submissions.

Manuscripts can be in Times New Roman or Courier New, but they must be paginated, double-spaced, and in 12 pt. font. A submission should include a cover page with the title of the submission, the author’s name, graduation year, and email address, and the location of the author’s GO trip and when he or she studied there. A manuscript should illustrate the unique experiences of a GO trip.

Photography submissions are encouraged. We ask that the contributor provide his or her name, graduation year, email address, and where and when the photo was taken. If the photo has a title, it should also be included in the submission. Stand-alone photographs should be in jpeg format. Short descriptions of no more than 100 words can be given to highlight why this moment was so special and inspiring, but these descriptions are not required.

Video submissions should be between 2:00-10:00 minutes in length. Videos can be uploaded to a Google Dive and then shared with Please select the “Can View” setting and not the “Can Edit” setting, if we require any editing we will contact you after the submission period. Profane language, highly inappropriate behavior, and discriminations of any kind will not be accepted in the videos.

Thank you,

Flagship Staff


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